Aims & Objectives

♦ To educate the candidates to show their worth and skill when appointed in teaching, research, industries or allied jobs.

♦ To assist in imbibing of leadership qualities and attributes in the candidates.

♦ To equip the students for better life of personnel and professional achievements so that the students of this institution can contribute to the enrichment of family, society and the nation.

♦ To provide the impetus that fulfils the potentials of understanding the processes and utilizing them to the advantage of humanity, realizing applied science as the greatest intellectual enterprises of human kind.

♦ To launch major well directed effort with significant investment, for harnessing biotechnological, Microbiological, Biochemical, Environmental and Computational tools for generation of products processes and technologies to enhance the efficiency and productivity an cost effectiveness of agricultural nutritional security, molecular medicine, environmentally safe technologies for pollutions abatement, biodiversity conservation and bio-industrial development.

♦ This Institute believes in creating and disseminating knowledge and skill in core and frontier areas through innovative educational programs, researches, consulting and publishing and developing a new cadre of professionals with a high level of competence and deep sense of ethics and commitments to the code of professional conduct.

♦ To create a new generation of postgraduate students who are capable of meeting the demanding needs of both academia and industry in life sciences, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biopharmaceuticals, Computers and management.

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